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Our company has been facilitating deliveries for local restaurants in the Lawton area for over 5 years. We are continuing to provide the best service for our customers and our contracted restaurants. We provide reward points for every order we receive. These reward points are automatically entered when you place an order. Once you have received 100, 200 and 350 points, a credit will be issued to your account, but will take place on the next order. After you have reached the max points of 350 the point’s system returns back to zero and the process starts over. Any points over 350 are carried over.  Rewards are as follows: 100 pts = 2.00 off, 200 pts = 4.95 off 350 pts = 10.00 off, each credit can only be used once per cycle. The credits are added by the manager once a week and may not show up immediately so please be patient.